Hi there, I am Matt and I am currently an undergraduate studying Ethical hacking and Cyber Security at Coventry University.

Before I started my journey at Coventry University, I previously worked in the IT Industry for the education sector for the past five years, starting out as an apprentice working my way through the ranks eventually becoming an Senior IT Technician for a MAT Trust in Coventry. I left the role as I wanted to challenge myself and I had a target to finally start my degree.

I have now finished my first year at Coventry University and about to go into my second year at university.

My aim is to share my knowledge with other people as I actively learn new methods/techniques for penetration testing.

I am an active member of Coventry Universities ethical hacking club called ‘ComSec’, with each week presented with a different security topic. In my own free time and in a controlled environment, I stimulate real attacks against Active Directory and Wifi Networks to see the vulnerabilities Black Hat Hackers use in corporate and education networks.